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Hi, I'm looking for a job

Hello, my name is Mary Lady, I'm from Venezuela, I'm going to emigrate to Germany in March, I'm going to live in Köln. I am a pediatrician, I study medicine in Venezuela. I'm going to do the paperwork to work as a doctor in Germany.

I am hardworking, responsible, attentive, punctual, I would like to work in your country.

My native language is Spanish, I speak English and at the moment I am studying German.

Any additional information contact me.

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Greetings. My name is Mary Lady, I'm from Venezuela. I am a pediatrician graduated from the Central University of Venezuela, I have worked for 4 years as a doctor in the emergency area and pediatric hospitalization at the University Hospital of Caracas. Likewise, since about a year ago, I work as a teacher in the area of pediatrics for undergraduate students at the Central University of Venezuela. I consider that I am hardworking, responsible, committed and respectful, I also love children; likewise I have a quick capacity for adaptation. I have as a life plan to practice as a pediatrician in Germany, it has been a goal set since the beginning of this profession. I am currently carrying out the corresponding procedures for the homologation of the title. While the procedures are formalized and I finish my study of the German language, I would like to have some work preferably related to my profession, that is, with children.


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