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    Spanisch (Muttersprache) , Englisch (Fließend) , Deutsch (Anfänger)
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Friendly and enthusiastic babysitter

My name is Abigail Muñoz and I come from Chile. I am 24 years old and I am currently a Spanish teacher. I finished my studies in 2015 and during the Chilean school year I worked in a high school from March to December 2016.
On the other hand, as far as my relationship with children is concerned, I have had the magnificent experience of having four nieces in my life. My first niece, Antonia, was born when I was 17, today she is 7 years old and I think that with her I learned a lot about the way in which one should understand and teach children. I was able to realize that children in essence are very emotional, but on the other hand they are in some ways also rational and very intelligent. By raising children we understand the strong influence we have in their lives and the same way as they learn from us we can also learn a lot from them.
As Antonia was my first niece I have always spent a lot of time with her. That is why I learned how to change diapers, to play with her, to develop my patience and my empathy in different kinds of situations. I also realized that with tranquility things can always be solved and, above all, understand that children have to have fun and be free; they can draw and create what they want without needing instructions. For example, when we go down the street Antonia always wants to sing or create a story using the first things which come across our minds or which we see; people sometimes look at us as weird, almost as if I am "following the children's madness" or "doing what they want", but that is the secret that some people cannot understand, that is what children are and we must appreciate it. When they see that you have valued their stories, their games, their singing, their time and you have become involved in it, it is when they trust you and that is where we find mutual respect for each other, in each other's acceptance.

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  • Von 08-2017 Bis 12-2017

    Teaching Spanish to a 6 years old child and also take care of her 3 days per week.

  • Von 03-2017 Bis 07-2017

    Teaching Spanish to a 1 year old child and also take care of her 5 days per week.


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