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Mathematics tuition

I am a Mathematics and Philosophy (BSc) graduate and have recently become a Renewable Energy (MSc) graduate. I specialize in tutoring maths for all levels, and can optionally tutor English and sciences. I have tutored throughout my undergraduate degree as part of an organisation called Tutor Trust and for a year afterwards as a full time private maths tutor.

My main approach is to initially find out how the student learns best, and I will always focus on igniting an interest in the subject in the student. After that, I will then know more about how the student's mind works and adapt my lessons to cater for that. This will make it easier to approach more difficult topics - with the right method and an interest already there. I am also willing to set homework if it seems appropriate. Because I am still quite young (25), I am able to relate to students because I was in a similar situation not that long ago.

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I have recently moved to Berlin to complete my masters and chosen to stay on afterwards because I really like the city. I work part time at a renewable energy research institute, and am learning German in my free time as well as climbing/yoga and art.


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