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Monica P., Tierbesitzer sucht Katzenbetreuung in Esslingen

  • Aktualisiert am: 07/02/2017
Kontakte Monica
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Looking for a pet sitter for my little bunny

Hello. I am Mona and I live in Esslingen. My husband and I travel every weekend to Mannheim as his family resides there. We have a 5 month old bunny with us. He's a cute, friendly and happy little guy. However, it gets difficult to transport him every weekend and hence we're looking for a nice, loving pet sitter who can take care of him while we're away.

If there is someone whose interested to make some soft money through this, please reach out to me. We can decide on a price that's comfortable for both of us. Thank you. Hoping to get some positive responses.

Warm Regards,