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Anna S., Katzenbetreuung in Ludwigsburg

  • 24 Jahre, 10 Jahre Erfahrung
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    Polnisch (Muttersprache) , Deutsch (Fortgeschritten) , Englisch (Zweisprachig) , Spanisch (Anfänger)
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    10 Jahre Erfahrung
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looking for job

I am a student at PH Ludigsburg and Im looking for a part time job. I love animals so caring for them would be a dream job . I have experience caring for dogs/cats/parrots/rabbit/fishes/donkey/pony.

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Currently I am a student at PH Ludwigsburg. Back in Poland I graduated at the University of technology and I have an engineering diploma in energy/power engineering. During my studies I was an english tutor both for kids and adults. I used to help them prepare for tests/exams as well as with comunication skills.I also used to babysit ether as a job or with my younger brother and sister. My biggest passion is traveling( I've been to Canada, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Egypt, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland , Spain, and probably few other countries :) Last year I was also working in Spain as an au pair. I was taking care of three amazing kids aged 3,6 and 7. We were comunicating only in english (even though I know spanish a liitle bit the main purpose for my stay there was for them to learn english and they have made enormous progress).I love doing sports especially swimming and surfing.I am generally an active person always seeking for something new to try.