Lucie J., Englisch Nachhilfe, Französisch Nachhilfe, Geeschichte Nachhilfe, Geographie Nachhilfe, Philosophie Nachhilfe, hausaufgabenhilfe in Hamburg (22765)

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    Französisch (Muttersprache) , Englisch (Fließend) , Deutsch (Anfänger) , Spanisch (Anfänger)
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    3 Jahre Erfahrung
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young French graduate

Hello, my name is Lucie and I am 22. I moved from Paris to Hamburg four months ago, after I graduated in Philosophy and European studies. I can give lessons or help in French, English, literature, music, history and geography, as well as for primary school students in all subjects.

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I am creative and really curious, I love to travel (I plan to do a world trip in a few years), I am responsible and organized. Music is a really huge passion. I play the flute, I listen to music all the time, I compose too, and like to teach and to do researches about it. I spend a lot of time exploring the flea markets trying to find rare or old vinyl records. I like philosophy and social sciences, and I may seem a bit of a geek with it. I love writing, cooking, hiking and dancing. Since my german classes are from Monday to Thursday, until 11:30 AM, I am looking for someone who would need courses starting from then.


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