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I am a student at Städelschule doing my master's in Architecture. My entire education since childhood has been in English course and I speak very fluently. I have often participated in intensive English debates during my schooldays. I use to teach the language to my younger sister when she was young as a matter of fact she is a journalist now, hence I can guarantee I can surely provide strong basics on the language. I have patience and understanding that is required for guiding a child to learn a new language. I strongly believe that there should be friendly relationship between a tutor and a student which can make learning more easy and fun for both the parties.

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Hello, As I mentioned earlier I am a Master's Architecture student. I am passionate about Design, I enjoy sketching and painting. I have always lived a nomadic life since childhood and love to travel. I should mention that I am learning German myself so I understand the problems one face in learning a new language. I am a friendly happy going person but take my work very seriously. I like to have discipline in my work and would like to be a beautiful experience of learning for the student and myself.


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