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Hello my name is Florencia and I'm from Mexico. Im a psychologist and I've been in Germany for 8 months doing an internship in neuropsychology.
Before coming to Germany I was working in an institution dedicated to helping babies and kids with their neurodevelopment.
I grew up in a city close to the USA and been there a lot of times since I'm a baby. Consequently, I speak English fluently, but I also speak Portuguese because I lived in Brazil for a year.

** I can also teach Spanish in any level: anfänger, intermediär

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As I said before I'm a psychologist and I’ve been doing an internship in neuropsychology, part of my internship is working in a hospital. I never gave clases in a school or in a particular place, but I used to help little kids with the vocabulary and really basic rules. I also helped some friends that their mother tongue wasn't Spanish. On the other hand, besides my profession as a psychologist, I love to sing and I'm taking clases and forming part of a chorus and I also love to paint.


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