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Sophia L., Babysitter in München (81543)

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    Chinesisch (Muttersprache) , Deutsch (Anfänger) , Englisch (Zweisprachig) , Malaiisch (Fließend) , Thai (Fließend)
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Babysitter für Ihre zwei tollen Mädels!

Dear family,

my name is Sophia Lei. I am from Malaysia and come to Munich to study my Masters (MBA). I have a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and love to be with kids, to take care of them, play with them, educate them. This is why I worked in Malaysia temporarily as a primary school teacher and gave evening classes. I also worked for a while as babysitter of a 3-years-old boy in Germany (near Nürnberg), before I started to move to Munich. Now I would love to take care of your awesome girls :-)

I have a driver's licence and can pick the kids up, bring them home, eat with them, play with them, do homework, if necessary (maybe at a later stage ;-) or bring them to bed.

My parent's speak only English at home. Therefore I speak fluently English. Also I am fluent in Chinese as well as in Malay and would consider my level in Thai language as medium. Hopefully I will be fluent in German too soon. This is why I take an intensive German course now. The course starts at 8.45 am and finishes 12.45 pm. So, I could bring the kids to school/kindergarden and from 1 pm onward could be there for them again.

I would consider myself as a very open-minded, friendly, loyal and reliable person who like to smile and tries to give much positive energy to myself and to others.

I am happy to receive a message from you, if you would like to get to know me.

I am looking forwards to hear from you soon.

Best regards

Sophia Lei

PS: I am sorry that I am not 100 % confident to write a letter in German yet. I will try very hard to learn it as fast as possible, in order to

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  • Von 03-2015 Bis 05-2015

    I was looking after the 3-years-old George Schäfer in Lauf a.d. Pegn.. We played together and I ate with him, went to the toilet with him, washed him, read stories. We liked each other a lot and George started to speak some words in English already.

  • Von 02-2006 Bis 09-2006

    I worked as a primary school teacher for 8 months in the St.Anthony School in Sarikei (Malaysia), teaching the classes English, Malay and Science.

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Dear family, after my Bachelors degree in Biochemical Engineering at the National University of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur I started to work in Thailand, because I love to explore new cultures and countries. One of my biggest hobbies is traveling (backpacking, hiking, biking, exploring). I worked in Thailand for 3 years as project engineer in a pulb and paper company. Afterwards, I went back to Malaysia to work for a German company on a constructions site a project control executive. I decided that I want to live in Germany and to study my MBA there. I like the distinction of the people, but I hope that I will really get to know, what Germany is about, when I am really there. On June 22nd my German intensive course starts. I would love to take care of your two lovely girls before and after the classes. I love to take care of children and to contribute to their personal growing. Therefore, I worked in Malaysia temporarily as a primary school teacher and gave evening classes for kids. During my free-time I like to play piano. I hope can continue this hobby in Germany too! I am looking forward to your reply. Viele Grüße Sophia Lei


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