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Aktualisiert am: 17/03/2019 Gelegentlich
Frankfurt am Main

French 21 mo girl looking for a caring babysitter

We are a french family with a 21 months old girl and a baby on the way. We are looking for an occasional babysitter for Joséphine for a few hours a day or during evenings. We used to live in London so she understands English and we have just arrived in Germany but we are totally fine with someone speaking German to her. Expect some singing, reading,...

Aktualisiert am: 29/10/2018 Gelegentlich
Frankfurt am Main

English native speaker Babysitter

Hello, Jonas and me with our two daughters (4 and 10 month) live in Frankfurt am Main in Nordend. Right now I am on parental leave, but we would love to have occasionally a English native speaking babysitter for our daughters. Next year I will go back working and we would then need someone on a more regular basis to take care of our kids. We do not...

Aktualisiert am: 04/09/2018 Gelegentlich
Frankfurt am Main

Deutsche Sprache für unsere Kinder

Wir sind eine Familie mit zwei Kindern, 1.5 und 4.5 Jahre alt, und suchen eine Babysitter zur gelegentlichen (Wochenende, abends) Unterstützung oder regelmäßige ein Tag pro Woche (besser am Dienstag). Die Betreuungsperson sollte nachmittags ab 16 Uhr zur Verfügung stehen, um unsere Kinder aus der Kita abzuholen. Gewünschte Eigenschaften :erfahren, zuverlässig,...

Aktualisiert am: 28/08/2018 Regelmäßig
Frankfurt am Main

English native speaker

Dear Sir or Madam, We are looking for an English native speaker who is willing to take care of our twins once a week for two hours. The boys are 3 and will be 4 in November. Even though I clicked Thursday, we would be flexible day-wise, if another day of the week might suit you better, we would be open to suggestions. Our boys have been to a bi-lingual...