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Baby sitter for 2 weeks (End of August) - 8 Years old

I am Italian and I live in Nippes. at the end of August my sister with my nephew (8 Years old) will come to visit me.
Since he studies English at school, we were happy to have an English nanny that can take care of him for a couple of hours for 2 times a week and talk to him a bit of English. They live in Rome and had already this experience a couple of years ago and was really nice.

Giacomo is a really calm and lovely boy and he loves to play basketball, football and ping pong. :-)
he will stay here in Köln from the 23rd August to the 10th of September. we don't have particular needs, so it might be in the morning or in the afternoon.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you think you are the right nanny for him :-)


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